Clean and Sustainable Energy For Communities Project

Project Overview:

This project focuses on empowering communities with research on clean energy and efficiency options, outreach and monitoring of current landscape for dirtier fossil fuel options.

Project Goal: We are working with the public at large and organizational partners to build support for cleaner and more efficient energy options in communities throughout the Commonwealth, focusing on:

  • The importance of diversifying Kentucky’s energy portfolio and how it relates to impacted communities.
  • Public health implications relating to dirty energy vs. clean energy and efficiency, including impacts on air, water and land.
  • Continual assessment of the existing landscape in Kentucky for identifying strategic opportunities for real change at the community level.

White paper: “The Potential Rate Impacts of Net Metering for KU/LG&E” Analysis of KU/LG&E Data Shows Net Metering Has Negligible Impact on Electric Rates By Andy McDonald, Director of Sustainable Systems Programs, Earth Tools, Inc., February, 2017. Download HERE.

Envision Franklin County
Citizens with Envision Franklin County are working with the Kentucky Conservation Foundation, who is providing research to inform Franklin County citizens of their future energy choices. The research for this project is part of KCF’s Clean and Sustainable Energy for Communities Project.

Municipal_Energy_Choices from Kentucky Conservation on Vimeo.