The Kentucky Conservation Foundation has been providing educational resources and professional support for this group of concerned grassroots citizens in Franklin County, Kentucky. These citizens are concerned with the energy choices in their community, and they have supplied the following are resource documents and media.

Video Summary from EnVisionFranklinCounty on their issue work involving the Frankfort Plant Board and Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency:

Analysis of the Frankfort Plant Board’s Participation in the KyMEA

“Strategy Alternatives
for Frankfort Plant Board’s
Participation in the KyMEA,”

E3 Energy & Environmental
Economics report,  Sept. 2017



“Recommendations Regarding
Frankfort Plant Board’s Participation in KyMEA,”
Powerpoint presentation from
E3 Energy and Environmental
Economics, June 2017


Response of the KyMEA to the E3 Report
and Frankfort Plant Board request
, June 2017

Public information from consultants on Frankfort’s Municipal Energy Choices (May/June 2017)

Media on the Frankfort Plant Board/ KyMEA Issue

“Action Needed on KyMEA Power Contract,” Andy McDonald, Frankfort State Journal, October 7, 2017

“Power Outage: Berea City Council votes to nix contracts with KyMEA,” Richmond Register, Sept. 19, 2017

“Big changes recommended for FPB-KyMEA contract,” Frankfort State Journal, July 8, 2017

Op Ed: “Consultant’s Report Recommends Significant Changes to FPB’s Power Contract with KyMEA” by Andy McDonald, July 2017, published in the Frankfort State Journal.

“Frankfort Plant Board asks KyMEA to consider contract changes,” Frankfort State Journal, June 21, 2017

“Weighing Resources: KyMEA still searching for renewable sources of energy,” Frankfort State Journal, Jan. 17, 2017

Kentucky Municipal Energy Choices Webinar

This webinar outlines decisions being considered for nine municipalities throughout the state, presented by EnVisionFranklinCounty.


Municipal_Energy_Choices from Kentucky Conservation on Vimeo.

Report Explores Renewable and Energy
Efficiency Opportunities in Frankfort

Frankfort's-Energy-Future--Report-FINAL--8-8-16-1Frankfort, Kentucky – A report released on August 9, 2015 by EnvisionFranklinCounty explores the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy to the Frankfort Plant Board (FPB), their customers, and the local community. These benefits include protecting customers from rising electricity rates and helping them to reduce their bills; reducing the risks from being heavily dependent on coal power; lowering the FPB’s demand charges and extending the life of utility infrastructure; and generating local investment and economic development.

“The Plant Board is facing some critical decisions about its electricity supply as it moves away from KU and joins the KyMEA,” said Andy McDonald, a consultant with Earth Tools, Inc. and one of the report’s authors. “This change opens up new possibilities for the Plant Board that could bring many benefits to the community.”

See full press release on Aug. 11 meeting HERE.

Download full report HERE.