Climate Education and Action

Leveraging the Key Steps for Climate Action in Kentucky Guide, this project will focus on educating the public at large, key decision-makers and allies to build more support for climate-related projects throughout the Commonwealth.

  • Education on opportunities for locally-based infrastructure programs in cities and towns.
  • Education on threats Kentucky faces and display projects that are already happening to impact climate change. Emphasize environmental justice and equity issues.
  • Continue to update KCF’s climate action web page and develop additional outreach materials as new examples of climate action projects are developed in Kentucky.
  • Continue to enlist more partner groups who work on climate issues and share materials.

Kentucky Sustainable Communities Energy Project

This project focuses on empowering communities on clean energy and efficiency options, education, outreach and monitoring of current landscape for dirtier fossil fuel options.

Project Goal: As part of the Sustainable Communities Energy Project, we are focusing on working with the public at large and allies to educate communities on support for clean and efficient energy throughout the Commonwealth and its communities. We have taken a multi-prong approach, focusing on:

  • The importance of diversifying Kentucky’s energy portfolio and how it relates to impacted communities.
  • Public health implications relating to dirty energy vs. clean energy and efficiency, including impacts on air, water and land.
  • Continual assessment of the existing landscape in Kentucky for identifying strategic opportunities for real change at the community level.

Kentucky’s Biodiversity Education Project

This project consists of the promotion of information and awareness of Kentucky’s rare and threatened plants and animals, consisting of public education events to diverse audiences designed to promote Kentucky’s unique range of plants, animals and biota and support efforts to conserve what is native and threatened.

Kentucky’s Land Conservation and Stewardship Project

Conserve Kentucky initiative: A coalition formed to increase awareness of the importance of Kentucky’s lands and waters and to help coordinate important cross-cutting efforts among outdoor recreation, tourism, agriculture and environmental interests. The Conserve Kentucky initiative seeks to foster innovative collaborations between the public and private sectors that help sustain the benefits of Kentucky’s lands and waters for nature and for the communities who benefit from cleaner waterways and rich lands.

Kentucky’s Natural Lands: Culture and Heritage Project

Consisting the promotion of the cultural heritage of Kentucky’s natural areas (land, air, water) through public events and the arts community, including public audiences and constituents who support land conservation.

Communities Impacted by Gas Pipelines and Extreme Extraction

Kentucky is the crossroads for several existing and proposed pipeline routes for natural gas, natural gas liquids, and related petro byproducts. These projects can potentially cut through dozens of counties throughout city and rural areas in Kentucky, creating concerns with safety, environmental impacts to both public and private land, land rights and split estate concerns, and issues of environmental justice to low-income communities.


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